28 - 340 Sędziszów
 Boleścice 58
tel.: 48 41 381 20 04
fax: 48 41 381 24 80


The nursery of trees and ornamental shrubs BOR is the manufacturer of high-quality coniferous and deciduous plants. We make greater parties of a homogeneous material with applicability on a home market and on export. You will find trees and bushes in our offer, plants for a green hedge, coat the plants, the twisted plants (liane), the imparted forms of trees and bushes, also a young material for the further manufacture.

We direct our offer to shops, horticulture to wholesale bases, firms an engaged gardening of territory and gardens, also to fine consumers.

We conduct sale both by the gross, and at retail.
The nursery of trees and ornamental shrubs Bor has been based in 1955, already some tens years are a member of the Union of the Polish Nurseries.

Every year we take part in numerous nursery exhibitions, by the way in the international exhibition the Greens is the Life, at exhibitions we repeatedly received differences and awards for quality, a variety presented nursery a material and for arrangement.

In Nursery there is a shop where on a picturesque background we offer some hundreds kinds and versions of trees and bushes, you will be professionally advised, we shall carry out garden projects, we suggest to have a rest also in our indicative to a garden


To us it is convenient to reach - from international line Е77 Kielce-Krakw between Jedrzejowem and Wodzisawiem in district Mierzawa we turn and we go in a direction of district Sedziszow. After 7 km of road we reach to district Bolescice and behind an information sign we turn to the right. We pass through rails of road, further near station PKP Krzcicice and for some 100 meters - we on a place.

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